Privacy policy

This is our privacy policy from 25 May 2018.  Download it as a pdf here.

What you consent to

In applying to become a new member, or to renew your membership, of Manchester Community Choir, you agree to us holding the information you provided to us at the time of application (or as subsequently amended by you in writing to us):

–     Name, telephone number and email address – so we can contact you

–     Postcode – so we can survey where our members live

–     Part – so we can create registers for regular meetings, workshops and trips

–     Emergency contact name and number – so we can contact them if you’re ill or indisposed

–     Payment details – so we can match receipts to names

–     Whether you want to opt in to our secondary email list of musical and other relevant events

–     (if you are disabled) Details of any disability that might affect your participation – this can only be accessed by the Secretary and the Membership Secretary and only be used to help you enjoy the choir

Membership of Manchester Community Choir includes access to our monthly newsletter and to inclusion in our membership email list and it is a condition of membership that, if you have an email address, you subscribe to our main email list, so that you can receive updates on songs, rehearsals and events.

Further options you opt into or not

You can also as a member choose to join an ‘opt-in’ list, and by joining this you agree to receive mailings about non-choir business of general interest to members, all of which will be scrutinised by a committee member before being sent out.

We have a Facebook page and Twitter and Flickr pages: it is optional for members to choose to follow us on these forums.  Please note that our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and website are hosted by third party IT organisations to which we have administrator access by a choir-assigned committee member.

How we look after the information

We hold your personal details securely for as long as you are a member.

We don’t pass on your details to any third party marketing organisations.

Your information is only accessed by a committee member or other choir volunteer when it is specifically needed for one of the purposes outlined here.

Problems and complaints

If you do not wish us to hold any of this information, or you wish to check or amend the information that we hold, or to complain about your personal information that we hold, or to no longer be part of our secondary email list, then please contact: Or talk to any committee member: their names and pictures are on the website under ‘About us’, Meet the committee’.

In addition you also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about your privacy rights and/or to object to the way we process your information if there is a breach of data protection protocols. Find them at


From September 2018 new and returning members will be asked to sign a form to acknowledge you have read and understood this policy.

Choir followers

We also have a mailing list for ‘followers’ of the choir.  This is for non-members including former members to be informed about, and only about, choir events.  You can only receive this information in this way by providing your name and email address.  You are welcome to ask to be removed from this list at any time.