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Here is some information about the Choir, to help you decide whether we are what you are looking for.

We are a large choir, between 60 and 80 strong when performing, so we need a big stage, or other performance space, to stand and be seen, please.

We need to be able to rehearse for an hour immediately before performing. This can be in the performance room itself or in another big room nearby.

We travel as light as possible, but we do need a secure area to leave coats and belongings.

We prefer to perform in a concert setting, where an audience can gather, either seated or standing, to listen to us. We will consider other settings (inside or out), as long as we are not near other noisy activities.


At Central Library December 2015

We sing songs from around the world, both traditional and modern, in many languages and always acapella. The songs are about equality, peace and respect.  You can hear us singing on You Tube.

We wear black, with bright green accessories, and we have a large banner featuring our name.

We are a diverse choir, including some people who are not good on their feet, so any performance venue needs to be fully accessible.

We estimate that it costs us £300 to prepare for and perform at an event, so we would appreciate it if you can pay us a fee. But for good causes, we perform free!

We normally need at least two months’ notice, especially around Christmas and during the Summer, so please make sure you contact us well ahead of time. The choir only meets to rehearse twice a month and we need time to prepare for performances.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you are interested in booking the choir, please complete and submit the form on our Contact Us page.

Maria Yagudina
Events Coordinator
Manchester Community Choir

Updated December 2019