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Homeland lyrics for printing

Over glad lives, sometimes sad lives, North East the clouds are streaming
Over joy and over heartache, to a place that glads the heart
Over working days and idle to the land that gives you meaning
Back to the friends (who) and family that were never meant to part

All the way, spinning back where touchstone houses drive your fears away
All the way, though circumstance and fortune make you roam
All the way, where familiar sights and smells will dry your tears away
Oh the sky goes all the way home

So you work(ing) to build a life, as you watch your children growing
Each new generation, just trying to prove its worth
And where your parents toiled, the river ever flowing
Past the farm and factory through the land that gave you birth

All the way….

The rain that shapes the gritstone, runs down to the river
Wheels turn in dark water as it rolls down to the foam
And the pausing man looks seaward, where the elemental giver
Burns the waters up to heaven and the clouds are riding home

All the way…


Written by Lester Simpson