Fundraising for the Choir – the choir is registered on Easy Fundraising:

There’s a web-based method for raising funds for any charitable cause which you might want to support. Many traders who sell stuff on the web are willing to donate a percentage of your puchase money to a cause you can nominate. The money raised comes in dribs and drabs, but with a largish number of people this can add up to a tidy sum.
Manchester Community Choir is now registered as a “cause”. If we get the scheme established it can help keep our subscriptions low or allow us to subsidise the cost of some of the “worthier” gigs, or purchase something special that we need.
It doesn’t cost you or the choir anything. It isn’t complicated to use.
To find out more , click here.
You can then explore the site to get a detailed picture. There are over 2000 retailers who are in the scheme. Amazon, car insurance, rail tickets (Virgin Trains -they sell all tickets, not just Virgin ones), spare parts when your fridge needs a new handle, it’s all there. Each trader is allowed to decide on the size of donation. Some give a fixed percentage of your purchase (eg. Amazon – 2.5%) some donate a lump sum.
To summarise:-
1. Go to Easy Fundraising. The first time you go, register as a user and nominate your “charitable cause”. (You can change it later if you want to donate somewhere else. You can only support one “cause” at a time.)
2. When you want to buy something on line go to Easy Fundraising and sign in. (it doesn’t work otherwise)
3. Find your chosen trader in their list of retailers. Click on it and get taken to the trader’s website. Bingo! That’s it.
4. Every 3 months, the choir treasurer gets a cheque.

I’ve also installed Find & Remind so if I search for car insurance, say, then a yellow bar is added to search results to tell you that the site is in the scheme – Sian