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New members are always welcome, and if you would like to discuss any questions about joining the choir with our membership secretary please use the enquiry form below, or come along to a trial session and talk to us.We currently have three rehearsals a month, on a Sunday afternoon, and two Monday early evenings – either singing live or via a linked Zoom session for singers online from home. Our rehearsal venue and time had to vary a lot during the pandemic – full details of dates for all our events are on our calendar.

As usual we welcome everyone who likes to sing for the joy of it, whether you are an experienced singer or have never sung with others before. Our calendar shows up-to-date details of rehearsals and all other activities. We only ask that members agree to our simple statement of values (which is an extract from our full Members Handbook).

Because of the uncertainty, members are joining for one term at a time and subscription rates have been kept lowered. Subscriptions per term are: Average income or above £35 per term. Low income £27 per term, Very low income £16.50 per term. Members who are unable to attend any sessions in person can still join for just the Zoom sessions only by paying the lowest subscription level.

You can pay the subscription by bank transfer or by cheque or cash. Most people pay by bank transfer – our account number is 50069499 and sort code 08-92-50. Please remember to put your name as the bank transfer reference.

Manchester Community Choir is a registered charity so you can boost your subscription payment by up to 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you pay. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the choir from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Please tick the two boxes on the registration page if you wish to GiftAid your subscription

And if you would love to sing with us but can’t afford the fees, all is not lost!  We have a Choir Assistance Fund and every year we help people with fees and travel expenses for events. Just fill in the enquiry form and let us know what you need.

To join the choir now please complete our registration form

Rise up

If you’re not sure about joining, you’re welcome to a free taster session at any rehearsal.

If you have questions, you can contact our Membership Secretary, using the form below.


The choir has high standards but we learn and sing in a respectful, enjoyable and good-humoured environment. Our songs come from all around the world, and are sung in lovely rich four part harmonies.