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Memories from a founding choir-member…
“Memories, from the corners of my mind,
Misty water-coloured memories of the way we were…”
Ah yes I remember it well….however I don’t really mean that I can recall it all, the years are rather blurry and only certain events stand out.
I was there at the inception/conception, singing at Greenheys weekly with Faith Watson and a bunch of others.
We just loved singing those African melodies, songs of peace and freedom, and rousing World Music from Bulgaria to the US. We wanted to perform and so the Choir was born.
So many gigs over the years, certain ones stand out for me.
Our performance was televised for the Holocaust Memorial Day programme. The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in front of the Queen, was certainly memorable. We busked in many cities for Raise your Banners and sang on the steps of the Town Hall to show solidarity with the lesbian and gay community.
We sang “So strong” by Labi Siffre, and I still get a lump and well up when I sing it today.
So many fond memories, and many more to come, cos you’re stuck with me, I love my choir, and I love to see new members joining all the time. Long may we continue…A luta continua.
Freddi Greenmantle, 11/11/12