Meet the committee

The committee of trustees is the  ‘governing body’ for the choir. They have managerial responsibility to ensure that the choir operates within the law, according to its governing document, and in a fair and transparent manner. They take responsibility for the financial dealings of the choir and are accountable for allocating funds and monitoring expenditure. They ensure that the choir works towards its stated aims.

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Chair – Lizzie Gent

I joined the choir in September 2017, thanks to the encouragement of one of the altos. I have always really enjoyed listening to any kind of choral music but never thought I could sing, so it has been a delight and a revelation to discover I can. I love it that learning the songs uses parts of my brain I don’t normally use – like starting a new exercise routine. So rehearsal nights are really good work-outs! I have also really enjoyed all the performances. This year I have taken over Membership Welfare, and I also look after the rehearsal registers and help organise events – especially those involving liaison with the Central Library, where I work. I really enjoy being part of the committee, where I’m Deputy Chair, and helping the work of running the choir.

Secretary and IT coordinator – Steve Campbell
I joined the choir in 2001, shortly after it was formed, feeling very insecure and out of my depth. Since then I have come to enjoy singing and performing music in a variety of different settings, and MCC has been the start of it.

I’ve had a number of roles on the committee, including membership secretary and treasurer (twice!). I’m currently involved in updating the choir’s web site and other IT-related matters, and have just been elected Secretary! And my cellar provides a home for the choir’s PA system and banners!

Treasurer – Jenny Sewart
I joined the choir in January 2014, trying to keep myself sane whilst doing an emotionally exhausting architecture degree, and also as part of trying to rediscover the person I was before having children. It was a bit daunting to sing “naked” (i.e. without any sheet music) but has actually proved more fun and engaging to learn by ear! I have been a dedicated member of the choir since, singing in most concerts and reveling in going to the Street Choirs Festival every year.

I loved having Liz as our musical director and learning so many techniques and tricks to make our sound better and better – I love being immersed in everyone’s sound and harmonies. Now that I have more free time, I have volunteered to take on the treasurer role and become part of the committee for 2019 – I am really excited by our new director, Rose’s choice of new songs and looking forward to helping out and giving something back to the choir that has provided me with such a happy space.

Events Coordinator – Maria Yagudina
Maria Yagudina

I have always enjoyed singing (in the bathroom, at parties, karaoke clubs-you name it)! Singing in a choir, however, remained just a dream (having very little practice in the music school, to my utter dismay)!

Until I was fortunate enough to learn about the Manchester Community Choir and decided to join it without further ado in September 2019! And I am extremely glad I did as everyone made me so very welcome and at home! I eagerly await every single rehearsal as it makes me be right in my element, and proves to be infinitely inspirational!

Being on the Committee has been a wonderful experience working closely with a team of enthusiasts and learning a great deal from each of them!

Events team – Carolyn Pugh
Carolyn Pugh

I joined in 2001 petrified and did a lot of miming! Community choir is fun and I especially enjoy singing with other people, as it’s not competitive, just singing with your neighbour. Choir lifts my spirits and I’ve made lifelong friends.


IT team (WordPress) – Caroline Glendinning

I reckon I’ve been a member of the Community Choir for 20 years now and have enjoyed singing with all of our Musical Directors over that time.

For me the main pleasures come from in the fact that we need to depend on each other to sing well (no coincidence that Lean on Me was one of our first performance songs!) and that singing can bring ordinary people together despite adversity and difference. Thus some of our most powerful songs are expressions of solidarity and resistance to apartheid or to climate change; it’s a great privilege to be able to share these with wider audiences through our public performances. Some of those (eg the closing ceremony at the Commonwealth Games, Holocaust Memorial Day at the Bridgewater Hall) must have gone worldwide – what an experience!

I was proud to be involved in the production of the Community Choir’s first CD and learned a great deal from that. I hope I can learn as quickly with the website!

General help – Lesley Hoyes

When I joined MCC in September 2011 it was the first time in over 40 years that I had sung in a choir. I loved it from the day I joined, attending as many performances as I could and every Street Choirs festival. When we hosted the SCF I was happy to join the organising team and was pleased with how well we worked together (and dealt with the many challenges!)

Joining the MCC committee in late 2019, I hope to repay the choir in some small way for the years of pleasure and friendship it has given me. I enjoy the Committee’s supportive and positive approach and am looking forward to many more years of singing with Rose and our great choir

New members (details and pictures to follow!): Wendy Godfrey, Val Harrington, Mike Gibson, Laura Ettrick