Meet the committee

Find out who keeps your choir ticking over, and maybe think about joining the committee

Now we’re a charity our committee members are formally ‘trustees’.  We’ve just (December 2018) had an annual general meeting so some of these details are in the process of being changed.  

At present the former Officer positions are filled by

    • Chair – Jo Melzack

      Jo MelzackI’ve been singing with the choir since Jan 2013 so still something of a newbie but absolutely love it, Liz’s inspiring leadership enabling me to be a much better singer than I ever imagined so giving a huge sense of achievement. It’s also such a joyous, uplifting feeling singing with a group. I was pitched into the role of Chair in January 2016 and I’m still feeling my way around it – chairing the committee meetings of course, doing the announcements at rehearsals, general trouble shooting. problem solving, listening and thinking. I’m a believer in team work and collaboration, so not into the leadership notion which puts one person on a pedestal!
    • Deputy Chair – Margaret Seaby

      margaret02I really enjoy the range of songs we sing in this choir, and as an ‘oldie’ original 1999 member, I am still enthused by the joy of singing with Manchester Community Choir! My additional responsibilities are as our choir rep. for the annual Street Choir Festival, organising occasional workshops, and liaising about our rehearsal space at Didsbury Baptist Church.
    • Minute secretary – Pauline PlattI joined the choir in January 2017 ; so still very new to it . I enjoy singing but have not been a member of a choir since school. I chose Manchester Community Choir as you don’t need to be able to read music, there is no audition but the choir make lovely music (see You Tube!). My daughter and I joined at the same time and were made very welcome. We enjoy rehearsals , but particularly enjoy performing in a wide variety of settings. As minute secretary I take the minutes of the committee meetings.
  • Membership Officer – Larraine Thompson
    larraine_02I have been a choir member since 2008 and have loved singing since childhood .
    I absolutely adore the spiritual uplift and sense of well-being that comes from creating a beautiful sound with my choir friends . Singing is definitely good for you !
    My committee role involves being the welcoming face for new singers at rehearsals , responding to new enquiries and generally ensuring that our singers are happy !
  • Treasurer – Steve Campbell
    steve-for-mcc-websiteI joined the choir in 2001, shortly after it was formed, feeling very insecure and out of my depth. Since then I have come to enjoy singing and performing music in a variety of different settings, and MCC has been the start of it. I’ve had a number of roles on the committee, including membership secretary and treasurer (twice!).As treasurer my job is to keep track of all money coming in and how it is being spent (we use a spreadsheet for this), to check the bank statements, to present a financial report to the members every year, and to try to keep the rest of the committee aware of the financial implications of their ideas and plans for the choir!
  • IT Officer –  Alan McDonald
    I started singing in choirs when I retired, initially very nervous about harmony singing.  I soon found I enjoyed it and with practice I could keep up a regular oom-pa-pa while all the other parts sang their twiddly bits.  I love the feeling of being part of a greater whole when we’re singing well. When Sian, who’s looked after the i.t. of the choir brilliantly for many years, was looking for a successor, I said I would do it if nobody else volunteered, as I’ve done the same sort of work for other voluntary groups.  The anticipated flood of other candidates failed to arrive, and here I am. Email me with any i.t. problems.

Other named roles are:

  • Events Co-ordinator – Tudor Owen
    I joined the Choir on its tenth anniversary in 2009 and joined the CommitteeTudor a year or so later. I was initially the Treasurer and more recently became the Events’ Co-ordinator. It’s my job to seek out bookings, respond to invitations, publicise performances through social media, organise some of the individual events and help other people organise the others. I really enjoy the job, especially when a plan comes together, as it did on several occasions last year; my favourites were the Irish Club and Llangollen. It’s great when you’re on stage with 60 or 70 other singers and you look out and see a packed audience enjoying our singing and giving us a rousing reception. It makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Committee members ‘without portfolio’:

      • Ray Dumpleton

        rayI joined the choir in 2014 . No one was more surprised than me after a lifetime believing I couldn’t sing ! It therefore took a while to gain confidence in my voice .
        In 2015 I helped organize a concert for Levenshulme Growing Together project , which included a set from MCC.
        Later that year I joined the Committee and have helped mainly with Event Planning .
        It has surprised me just how much work goes into planning each performance and I am pleased to be able to contribute to this.
      • Peter Wilmot
        peterThe last time I’d sung in a choir was at school. After a you’re-never-too-old number of years, I was inspired by Gareth Malone’s TV programmes to search out a new choir and came across the Manchester Community Choir through YouTube clips of their performances of original and varied music.I found a warm welcome, a relaxed atmosphere… and the inspiration of Liz, our Musical Director, who works us hard but who gets us singing the very best we can,  and better than we ever thought we could.There’s no obligation to sing in our public performances, but for me these are the highlight. Whether it’s Manchester’s Central Library with quiet, delicious chords echoing into the roof, or on stage at the annual National Street Choirs Festival singing to a thousand fellow singers, or a packed Chorlton Irish Club with the choir and an audience of 250 well-lubricated Mancunians belting out ‘Happy Together’, these are music-making moments to treasure.
      • Wendy Eaden

        wendy02This is my 3rd. year in the choir. I am on the committee “without portfolio ” which means that I do mainly practical things like site visits to look at potential positives and negatives of where we perform. I look after the attendance registers, host some meetings and help where I can. I also organised the design and making of our choir badges.
        I really enjoy the choir performances in a way that I never thought I could do!
  • Lizzie Gent
    I joined the choir in September 2017 (so definitely still a newbie), thanks to the encouragement of one of the altos. I have always really enjoyed listening to any kind of choral music but never thought I could sing, so it has been a delight and a revelation to discover I can! I love it that learning the songs uses parts of my brain I don’t normally use – like starting a new and rigorous exercise routine. So rehearsal nights are really good work-outs! I have also really enjoyed the performances this year, particularly in Central Library, where I do my day job. It was nice to be part of the Christmas extravaganza rather than being in the audience. I look forward to helping with all the work the committee does to keep the choir running smoothly.
  • Angela Dellowangela_dellow1
    I heard the choir sing at Heaton Park and at Styal and loved the sound, particularly the precision of the singing. Since becoming a choir member in 2015 I have enjoyed getting to know the choir members and find the atmosphere at rehearsals very friendly. I love Liz’s enthusiasm and her ability to get the best out of us when we sing. And finally, singing for an audience feels good and I am looking forward again this year to singing with other choirs as we do at The Street Choirs Festival.