About us

Although the membership of the choir is forever evolving, we have been part of the Manchester choir scene since 1999 and we currently have around 100 members of all ages.

Manchester Community Choir bannerSince 2009 our Musical Director has been Liz Powers.

We sing unaccompanied, usually in four part harmony. Our repertoire includes songs from all parts of the world, both modern and traditional.

We perform regularly at events in and around this great city, including the Commonwealth Games and the reopening of the People’s History Museum. And in venues from Victoria Baths to the Town Hall to the Friend’s Meeting House.  We also travel further afield to the annual National Street Choirs Festival.

While we are essentially apolitical, the choir has a commitment to issues relevant to the local and national community, which are concerned with equality, humanity and respect and celebrate the rich diversity of life in and around our communities.