Freedom is Coming (and so are cakes)

An audience of all ages turned up on Mothering Sunday at Didsbury Baptist Church for MCC’s 20th birthday celebration concert, including founding directors Faith and Jules, and many former choir members. Meanwhile current members had been busy in their kitchens producing, or buying, two whole tables full of delicious cakes; including gluten free ones, low sugar and vegan treats.

But before the cakes there was the business of singing. Our first set opened with the song that had persuaded current MD Liz Powers to apply for the job – Chanson. We went on with Woyaya, Koth Biro, and Nana Was A Suffragette, written by Jules, and performed at the unveiling of the Emmeline Pankhurst stature last December. The set finished with Liz teaching the audience Freedom is coming.

There was plenty of mingling and chat over the cakes, then it was back to the singing with We Need Each Other Now (all too relevant at the moment), Who Will You Be – one for Mothering Sunday, written by Dee Jarlett for her dear friend whose daughter gave birth to a daughter. Then the Sydney Carter Sing John Ball (which talks about the need to be governed by the love of one another – also important in the current climate). The concert finished with a rousing performance by choir and audience together of Freedom Is Coming. Here’s to the next twenty years of Manchester Community Choir!

Lizzie Gent

About Manchester Community Choir

Manchester Community Choir exists to bring together and to encourage people from all sections of the community to sing together and share the joy of song.
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