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Last Saturday, the 16th of December, the choir did its final gig of 2017 in Manchester Central Library which is a stunning building both inside and out. You might think it a curious setting for our choir – though the acoustics worked well enough – but we are a community choir and we value public services and facilities so why not sing in a library? It was the library’s regular Winter Extravaganza and there were half dozen other group performing – including an excellent school band and a young choir.

Our set included some old favourites such as ‘Da Pacem’ and ‘Bring it in’ but this was only the second time we have publicly performed ‘Finlandia’ and apart from the brilliant tune by Sibelius the words stand out and to my mind really suit this festive time – ‘This is my song, oh spirit of all nations/A song of peace for lands afar and mine.’

Finally I wish to acknowledge the heroic professionalism of our choir director Liz Powers who, despite being under the weather with the winter bug that is doing its rounds, still showed up and, as ever, got the very best out of us.

Blog by William West (‘Finlandia’ lyrics by Lloyd Stone, slightly adapted)

Picture by the Platt family

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Manchester Community Choir exists to bring together and to encourage people from all sections of the community to sing together and share the joy of song.
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